Cheese Specialties from Greece and Cyprus

Greece is also a Mediterranean country so that many characteristics of Spain also apply here. There are many cheeses made from mixed milk, because the milk types cannot be separated. Also, many protected types are registered, sometimes just for the brand of a single dairy. Inquiries for further clarification at semi-public authorities are often left unanswered.


It is well known that every country has a national food. In France it is baguette, in Italy it is spaghetti and in Holland it is gouda. For the small country of Cyprus it is Halloumi cheese.

Oliving mit Olivenöl

(14 kg / 22 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 191-3634

Halloumi Grillkäse

(250 g / 43 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 339-1339

Feta in Lake

(2,0 kg / 43 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 93-0638

Cheese from Greece
Cheese from Cyprus