Dutch Cheese Specialties – More than Gouda

"Six slices of fresh Gouda please." Just a few years ago such an order was everyday business for a vendor at the cheese counter; and they could be sure that the customer was referring to young Gouda. Today, such an order would cause quite a confusion. The diversity of the Dutch Kaaskunst (art of making cheese) has had an impact on our own product range. The customer has also learned to differentiate. No matter if butter, goats or herb cheese, Dutch specialties have become fixtures on most shopping lists. Additional impulses are given by seasonal specialties like May or Fall Gouda.

Bio Hanfkäse "Bastiaansen"

(4,0 kg / 50 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 26-3318

Bauernkäse mit Nelken

(8,0 kg / 48 % Fett i. Tr.)

Art. Nr. 26-3379

Cheese from Holland