Cheese has a Tradition – So do we!

Participation in the BioFach 2008 fair in Nürnberg.
Work on the 6th edition of the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue has begun.

The large Hannover Cheese Fair takes place.

The 5th edition of the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue is published.

The two companies Zuck – The Cheese Specialist in Hannover and Jago – The Cheese Specialist in Berlin merge into the company Ruwisch & Zuck – The Cheese Specialists.


Large cheese exhibit for the 101st anniversary of ZUCK – The Cheese Specialist!
The 4th edition of the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue is published.

800 sqm extra storage space in order to be ready for the future!

3rd edition of the CASEUS DOMUS catalogue – by now more than a collection of articles. A benchmark for anyone interested in cheese.

The ECC has been in existence for one year and is developing splendidly.

Cooperation with the company Jago – The Cheese Specialist from Berlin. The owner and manager is Mr. Dirk Ruwisch. The 2nd edition of CASEUS DOMUS catalogue is published.

Ms. Karin Zuck enters the company.
The first CASEUS DOMUS catalogue is published.

The TZ service is more than just a smart pricing tool. It informs customers and vendors and makes the cheese counter more attractive.
The company ZUCK – The Cheese Specialist is constantly storing more than 1400 articles on 3000 sqm, 800 of these are cheese counter articles.

The company ZUCK – Cheese Specialties develops a sophisticated service and training package for cheese specialists and adjusts the company name – ZUCK – The Cheese Specialist. The outbound sales team now consists of nine members.

The Cheese Show for individual customer talks and of course plenty of cheese tastings.

After three extensions between 1975 and 1989 another building is obtained, first as a storage, then as the starting point for the Cheese Show and the ECC.

The company moves from Hannover-Kirchrode to Hannover-Anderten – new rooms are obtained.

The basement becomes too small – the truck garage has to make room for an extension.

Mr. Volker Zuck enters the company.

Every fourth cheese from Denmark has been delivered through ZUCK.

The basements of the residential house in Hannover-Kirchrode turn into cheese cellars. A real family business: living upstairs and working downstairs.

The company is moved (recommencement) to Hannover. "There is no trade under Communism." Rooms are rented in the storehouse of a shipping company.

A butter moulding station joins the cheese in the new rooms at Groß-Ottersleben.

Discontinuation of plum butter production due to inflation, development of cheese imports instead.

New production location on Fichtestraße in Magdeburg is opened up.

On July 10, 1903 the company is founded as one of twelve plum butter factories in Magdeburg.

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